"Dave really is the best workout partner I've ever had.  He make working out fun and safe.  He helps me with my tricky knee, motivates me when I am feeling lazy, and kicks my butt into shape!  I have lost over 40lbs since working out with him.  I would recommend him to anyone!"  Stacy

"Since starting bootcamp my core has gotten so much stronger.  I used to not be able to do a single pushup; now I can do 3 sets of 20 'real' pushups!"  Mia

"Bootcamp is always a new experience.  Dave's knowledge of exercises always leaves me guessing what we are going to do next.  I enjoy exercise so much more outdoors in the park than in a boring gym where I don't even know if what I'm doing is right for me.  And did I mention it's cheap!?"  Jenn

"The people in bootcamp are really nice and it's such a great workout!"  Kathryn

"contacted Dave duCille as we were 6 Swedish women that were coming to New York for a long weekend and we figured what could be more New York then to do a training session in Central Park.  Dave answered promptly and he suggested a Boot Camp running tour of the park. We thought that this was a brilliant idea as it gave us a chance to also see some of the famous places in the park at the same time as we got some training done.  Dave adjusted the training and the running to fit our fitness level and we all had a really good time with a very friendly and professional trainer.
We can definitely recommend Central Park Fitness and Dave duCille."
 Eleanor, Carin, Cecilia W, Cecilia B, Susanne and Louise