Sunday, December 4, 2011

Overcome Arthritis at Home

A quick list of arthritis home remedies.

When it rains, it really pours. But for those who have arthritis, when it rains, it really hurts. Arthritis is a painful, often debilitating condition that robs you of your ability to live life like you want. Sometimes, it can become so problematic that the thought of getting dressed and leaving the house seems impossible - even if you need to head to the doctor for arthritis treatment.
If you find yourself crippled and at the mercy of arthritis, try these home remedies to find occasional or long-term relief.
Positivity - It may not seem like it right now, but a positive attitude can go a long way toward warding off arthritis-induced pain. According to research, a good attitude may not reduce the actual symptoms of arthritis, but it can improve how you react to the condition. By understanding your condition and coming to terms with how it makes you feel, you're able to focus on other things and put the pain of arthritis out of your mind.
Dinner - Currently, there is no sure-fire way to eat your way to an arthritis-free life. But researchers are attempting to determine if there will one day be a way to avoid or overcome arthritis with food. Until then, pay attention to what foods seem to cause your arthritis to flare up and avoid these foods at all costs. Some of the most common foods that cause arthritis issues include those high in saturated fats or omega-6 fatty acids. On the other hand, omega-3 fatty acids and moderate alcohol intake may help prevent arthritis.
Rosehip - Considered by alternative health advocates to be one of the most beneficial home remedies for arthritis, rosehip often provides instant pain relief, while healing the body's aching tissues and helping ligaments grow stronger. In order to make use of rosehip, mix it with water until it is a pasty consistency. Then rub it on the affected area and enjoy your newfound mobility.
Exercise - Getting some physical activity is a great way to increase your ability to perform the tasks of daily life and reduce overall pain. A great way to start reducing arthritis-related pain is by stretching muscles for 10 to 30 seconds at a time. Strength training, aerobic exercise, and swimming are other great workout options. However, avoid running, jogging, and lifting heavy weights, as they can result in more arthritis pain.
Lose - Being overweight puts you at increased risk for arthritis in the knees. Therefore, exercising and working to obtain and maintain a healthy weight will help prevent against arthritis from setting in. Already have arthritis? Losing weight can also help reduce your arthritis symptoms.
Talking - When the pains of arthritis seem too much to bear, talk to someone about it. Doing this helps you pinpoint where the pain is most acute, which helps you target your relief methods. It also helps to have someone else understand the extent of your arthritis pains, as you realize you don't have to keep your feelings of frustration and pain to yourself.
No matter what brings on your arthritis, getting it under control is essential to living and loving life. In the event these home remedies aren't enough to help you enjoy the quality of life you desire, contact your physician for additional treatment options.

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