Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ask a Trainer - Preventing Injury During Marathon Training

The summer is flying by and I'm embarrassed that I haven't posted here in over a month!  My golf handicap has been coming down steadily and I've been logging some serious miles on my bike as well so please forgive me!  Today's post comes from an old college friend, Logan.  Logan is embarking on his first marathon and was experiencing some early symptoms of overuse injuries.  Running is a repetitive, single-plane motion.  When we fail to train in the other 2 planes of motion we set ourselves up for muscular imbalances which can lead to overuse injuries.  Specifically with runners, the IT Band gets tight and pulls the kneecap off line.  Repetitive running (or cycling) with the knee cap off track leads to tendinitis and a lot of pain throughout the knees. Through a few basic strength training exercises and proper recovery techniques, runners like Logan can usually avoid having any major setbacks to their training regimen and make it to race day in top form.  Check out the video below for some great tips on basic cross-training for runners.  

Both the foam rollers and wobble boards can be purchased online from Perform Better.  These are items that aren't usually seen in your regular local sporting goods store (foam rollers have been making their way into some stores).  If you are running a marathon, a foam roller is an absolute must!

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