Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's back! Breakneck Ridge Hike 2011

I'm all about showing the masses that fitness is so much more than just going to the gym and lifting weights or running on a treadmill.  Fitness takes so many forms that are truly fun!  It's no surprise that our Breakneck Ridge hiking trip sells out every year because it's not only a tough workout but it's an absolute blast!  Sunday 5/22 we are bringing it back! 

The Views: Spectacular. Rocky crags with no trees allow for unfettered vistas up and down the valley. Hawks fly at eye level. So do planes cruising down the valley. Here you can get a view of just how busy the river can be with barge traffic, cruise boats and jet skis.
Storm King Mountain is directly across the river. West Point to the south and Newburgh Bridge to the north.

History: Granite blasted from the sides of this mountain has been used to build the Brooklyn Bridge, West Point and the front steps of the capitol building in Albany. The scars to the mountain are clearly visible.
The Hike: We will depart from Grand Central for a 75 minute ride north to the Breakneck Ridge Metro North Station.  Taking the "white" trail from the Metro North Station, the trail goes straight up as you climb over rocks. You'll need all four appendages to grasp and pull yourself up the first phase of the mountain. It takes about half an hour to reach the first of several lookout plateaus.  Upon reaching the summit, we will stop for lunch and then continue back down the backside of the mountain and hike back one stop to the Cold Spring Metro North Station in the center of the Historic Town of Cold Spring.  Total hike distance is appx. 5 miles.  We will have plenty of breaks for water and snacks as needed.
What to Bring: Camera, bagged lunch, snacks for the trail, as well as water(about a liter should be plenty) and backpack to carry it all.  A good pair of comfortable athletic shoes (Hiking boots aren't necessary but are a definate plus if you have them).  Dress in layers, it should be pretty warm this time of year but at the top of the ridge it can get windy and cool.  Also, you will definately warm up as we get going on the initial ascent of the ridge.  You may want to bring some spending money for when we arrive in Cold Spring.  There are various shops, bars and restaurants (we've been known to have a post hike pint!)

Cost: $40 before 5/15  $60 after (includes round trip Metro North Ticket)  RAIN DATE 6/5/2011
We will meet at 8:30am at the clock in the middle of Grand Central.  The train to Breakneck Ridge leaves at 8:47am SHARP.  I cannot hold the train if you are late so PLEASE BE ON TIME!  There will be no refunds for missing the train!

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