Friday, April 1, 2011

Bootcamp Cancelled for 2011


C'mon, those of you that know me wouldn't expect anything less of me!  I have to play April Fools jokes!  (I wanted to put Saran wrap on the toilet bowl and leave it for my girlfriend but for some reason our Saran Wrap is red???  Perhaps she read my mind when she bought it! ) I'm going to make it up to you though.  Yesterday was the last day to signup for bootcamp before the price goes up but since the weather has still been a bit dodgy and people just aren't quite in that spring feeling I'm going to extend the discounted signup period through the weekend!  So don't miss out!  Bootcamp is a results oriented class that would still be a great value at twice the price but now is your opportunity to signup at an INSANE rate.  Not only that, I'm going to give you the super secret "hidden" link to my website to sign up for an even more insane discount!  Click Here and tell them that Mr. T sent you!

"I pity the fool" that doesn't sign up today!  First class outdoors tomorrow morning at 9:30 am sharp!  South Gate House of the reservoir!

Dave "B.A." duCille  
(I know, you youngsters don't know who MR. T or B.A. is do you?)

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