Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know you all have heard this a million times so lets make it one million and one! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body has been in a state of fasting for the better part of 6-10 hours depending on what time you last ate the night before. You need to put fuel in your tank to start your metabolism.
I've found a breakfast that works GREAT for me that I think everyone should try. If you live here in NYC you have to try Jamba Juice's Steel Cut Oatmeal. I know what your thinking, Oatmeal? Yuck. But this is different. You can get it with apple and cinnamon (tastes just like Apple pie, right Rachel?), blueberry and blackberry, or with fresh bananas. What makes Jamba's so good? Its steel cut oats so it has a great texture, and its cooked in soy milk. The bottom line is that it tastes better than any oatmeal i've ever had and it just flat out makes me feel full. Any of you who know me personally know that is VERY hard to do and you would never believe that one small serving of oatmeal could power me for the next 4 hours of my day, but it does! I really hate sounding like an infomercial but I've been eating it at least 4-5 mornings a week for the past 3 weeks and I've dropped about 7lbs! It just sets the tone for my day but giving me energy without making me feel full and bloated and when i'm ready for my next meal, I'm not even really hungry so as I result, I don't overeat.
Don't have a jamba juice, try making your own oatmeal but stay away from those instant packets. You can use instant oatmeal, just avoid the packets with all the added sugars and preservatives. Freeze some berries or bananas and cook them right into the oatmeal and they will melt in and spread that flavor throughout the whole batch. There is nothing I hate more than oatmeal that only tastes good when you have a huge hunk of banana on the spoon but all the other spoonfuls taste blah!

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