Monday, January 12, 2009


I just came from Barnes & Noble. I walked in with the intent to find a book on building golf clubs (another story unto itself) and was bombarded by diet books!!! No less than 32 by the time I lost count! Everyone knows "South Beach Diet" and "The Zone" but how about the "Lemon Juice" diet? Can't imagine that one flying off the shelves!!! It really got me to thinking, while there is a definate lack of education on proper nutrition for the average American, many of us know enough about the basics of what is good and what isn't to succeed. Accountability and willpower is a far bigger problem that no book can really help you with.

Find ways to be accountable for your nutrition and health habits and you'll be a lot more successful in 2009.

As a side note, i did come across a couple of books that looked useful. If your in the market for a diet book, start out with a basic calorie listing book. It will give you a great resource on just how many calories are in everyday foods you currently eat. There are also a couple of great books out there that list calorie content for over 500 fast food chains including some of the more "gourmet" style places here in the city like Panera and Pret a Manger. Of course calorie content in alcoholic beverages is quite useful. This just in, a shot of most 80 proof alcohols still has 110 calories so all you girls at the club drinking Bacardi and diet aren't doing any better than the guys drinking Bud Light!

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