Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Who can forget the imagery of the events of the EF-5 torndado that struck Joplin, MO last May.  When I turned on the news and saw it my first thought was "Joplin!!!  HOLY SHIT, THATS WHERE TODD IS FROM!"  Together we are pleased to announce Cycle for Joplin our vision of making the world a better place 1 storm shelter at a time.

Todd is an old baseball teammate and friend that lived around the corner from me on the Upper East Side.  He had lived in NYC for a decade but was always spouting off about this place called Joplin that none of us had ever heard of and quite frankly, didn't give a crap about at the time. Click the link above and you can read about how Todd and I are planning to make history one storm shelter at a time and kindly consider donating to help us turn this dream into a reality!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bootcamp is Outside TONIGHT!

It's finally here!  The moment you've been waiting for!  Bootcamp resumes outdoors in Central Park tonight at 7pm at the South Gate House of the Reservoir.  The forecast is to be a bit on the chilly side and windy so I strongly encourage you to wear a couple of layers that you can easily remove when you get hot.  (Notice I didn't say IF you get hot, but WHEN!)

It gets even better, between now and April 15th when you sign up for our monthly option you get your first month for just $99!  (Regularly $159)  That's less than $10 per class!

Not sure what bootcamp is all about and if it's right for you?  Check out this previous blog post.